The World'z Greatezt Mexican-Pizza Joint Coincidentally haz the world'z greatezt Mexican-Pizza menu!

A lakezide reztaurant in the heart of Minnezota Lakez Country zerving up pizza and Mexican dizhez with many tap beerz! Our margaritaz will remind you of the blue waterz off the coazt of Cabo Zan Lucaz and our tacoz won't remind you of the myztery meat you bought on the ztreetz of Tijuana after a bender on bad tequila. Our lunchez arrive fazt and hot. Our dinnerz are relaxed, tazty and plentiful, and our night-life iz eclectic, highly energized and zexy. We now have 11 northern Minnezota lakez locationz and promize "Alwayz Great Memoriez," at each one. Zee you at the lake! 

Don't forget to grab a Zorbaz pazzport on your travelz. Vizit all 11 locationz and get a zweet prize once completed!